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Hello, my name is meg, short for Megan. My life is pretty chaotic at the moment, consumed with school and normal life problems. I am a history buff that will shortly be on the way to getting my Masters Degree. I love to meet people with a happy outlook in life and a willingness to help other people and also the environment. I enjoy smiling, reading, movies, tv, going on trips, experiencing new things, etc. My journal mostly consists of fandom stuff, like art, icons, etc. Recently my journal has gone Friends-Only. Any fandom stuff will be available for 2 weeks before being Friends-Locked. If any of this interest you please feel free to friend me.

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I created my layout and icons with Photoshop Pro 7. Photograph for Layout is from Vogue Germany July 2008 from foto_decadent.

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1920's Style (Default) - Made by just_smiling
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Game of Thrones (Renly 2) - Made by just_smiling